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Does “holding it” strengthen or weaken your bladder muscles?

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The sinus drip in the back of my throat is driving me nuts. What can I do?

Your sinuses are lubed with a thin lining of germ-catching mucus. But when that layer becomes infected or irritated by allergies, it swells and starts to drip. First, try flushing out your nose with a daily saline rinse.
If, after two weeks, the trickle persists, visit your doc and ask about a steroid nasal spray, which can reduce mucus build up and inflammation. And if that doesn’t work, get a course of antibiotics. Just be sure to stick with them; sinus infections often require a few weeks of damage control.

Does “holding it” strengthen or weaken your bladder muscles?

Neither! When you’re squeezing to hold back the flow of urine, you’re actually flexing your pelvic-floor muscles. But while you might be giving those a good workout, don’t get into the habit of walking around with a full tank. Though holding it won’t damage anything or cause an infection, when your bladder is filled to the brim it can start to spasm, which may cause some humiliating leakage. Why take that chance? Relieve yourself as soon as you feel the urge.

Keri PetersonDoes “holding it” strengthen or weaken your bladder muscles?

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