Are You Stressed Out?

Are you stressed out?  Here are some tell tale signs that you may be suffering from stress:

Are you agitated easily when someone cuts you off on the subway stairs?

Have you been visiting the local Starbucks more often because you are tired all the time?

Do you suffer from frequent colds?

Are you tossing and turning in bed all night?

If so then you may be more stressed than you realized.  Here are some tips to deal with stress more effectively:

  1. Get moving.  Just 30 minutes of walking is a great stress buster- that’s only 20 blocks and back!
  2. Pick up that cell phone. Call a friend to vent.
  3. When you take your lunch break don’t talk about work.  Clearing your head can give you a fresh start.
  4. Listen to your iPod.  Getting into your music can be a great distraction from your worries.
  5. Do brunch but that’s it.  Don’t over schedule your weekend.  It’s fine to do brunch on a Sunday but don’t commit to dinner and a movie on the same day.
  6. Put down that cocktail.  Alcohol can actually make you more sensitive to stress.